Studio Recording Lessons with Mister Pie

Dave "Mister Pie" Riegert has been a professional Studio Recording Engineer for over 20 years. His background in Music Theory and Technology and his experience in hands-on live sound gives him an edge for relating not only the vocabulary and basics of Studio Recording but also many details and "secrets" within the Pre- and Post-Production phases of the process.

To help you become a truly valuable Studio Recording and Live Sound Engineer you will learn:

● Microphone Types and Basics

● Basic Mixer Architecture/Analog Signal Path

● Interfaces/DAWS and Recording Applications

● File Types and What the Names/Numbers Mean

● Patching/Routing and Track Arming

● Playback and Basic Mixing

● Signal Processing - EQ, Compression, FX

● Basic Editing/Comping

● Exporting and Mastering

Lessons will be two one-hour sessions per month instead of four 1/2-hour sessions, due to the lesson structure that includes hands-on experience.

Students are encouraged to have their own simple recording equipment at home to practice on and get familiar with. Songman Studio uses Steingberg Cubase, PreSonus Studio One and Cockos Reaper for recording and instruction.

Students who desire to use Apple Pro Logic, Avid Pro Tools or any other recording platform will learn the basics of recording that apply to all platforms. "How do I..."

questions that are related to specific platforms will be redirected to the owner's manual of that software package. All technical assistance or troubleshooting will be scheduled outside of lesson time for a reasonable rate.

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